Convicted Drug Kingpen Jimmy Henchman Questioned By Feds About Diddy Possibly Having Sex With Under Age Boys

Posted: October 18, 2013 in diddy, prison

jimmyhechmandiddyinset Jimmy Rosemond a.k.a. Jimmy Henchman will be sentenced to life in prison on October 25 in a Brooklyn federal court for his role in a cocaine distribution ring.

Prior to prosecutors making the decision to give Rosemond life they held a proffer session with the former record industry executive to question him about several known acquaintances including Bad Boy Records CEO Sean Combs.

In an article published by The Smoking Gun it was disclosed that IRS Agent Marc Van Driessche testified about some of the questioning during the proffer session.

“We had information through other witnesses that the defendant may have made an admission to Sean Combs,” Van Driessche said.

The nature of the admission was not discussed during further testimony. Rosemond said that he and Diddy had a “cordial relationship” and had done business together previously.combs8

Rosemond stated that things turned “awkward” when an investigator showed him “naked pictures” of different women. The reason for this was not disclosed. Jimmy added that he was then “asked about entertainers sexual preferences, including, but not only, Sean Combs having sexual relationships with under age boys.”

The purpose of the proffer session was to find out if Rosemond could offer any information that investigators could use in other crimes. In turn they would give him a lighter sentence. Prosecutors were “disappointed” in what he had to say and rejected his bid for a cooperation deal.


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